Born in Berlin he studies at the Fine Arts Academy in, Berlin, (MA). 1963-5 in Paris, encounter and friendship with Alberto Giacometti. From 1975 – 89 works as art instructor (teaches drawing).  1986, as an homage to Alberto Giacometti, publishes «Bergell vis à vis», a portfolio with 30 lithographs and a text by John Berger.

Following a longer work stay in Zürich, he moved to Switzerland in 1991, where he lives with his wife, the painter Barbara Diethelm and 5 cats in the countryside near Zürich and in Sent, Swiss alps.

«My daily practice – an exercise in humbleness and wondering. Moments of utmost attentiveness and presence are rare and precious.

Then I travel with the clouds, listen to the dialogue of the universe with my heart, the light becomes my pulse, the ether my breath, the face of the earth and the sky become my own – then, and only then my I hope for an image – with some luck.»

Werner Schmidt